On a recent client coaching call, and the topic of getting her company found better in the search engines came up. The first step for her (she has a local presence) was to get listed in the Google Maps area through Google My Business. One of the main reasons she was hesitant to submit her info to Google is that she didn’t want to disclose her home address.

While having a web-based business is great (we LOVE working from home or anywhere), you should never, ever use your home address. You need to protect your privacy. Not having an office is not a problem – the solution is simple! For around $100-$300 per year you can rent a personal box at UPS and in exchange you get a real street address that you can use professionally.

Yes, we know, a USPS box can be quite a bit cheaper, but there are some reasons that they don’t work well as business addresses. These are the reasons we LOVE UPS Store mailboxes for web-based businesses.

  1. It gives you a physical address for your business. This gives a more professional feel and ensures clients know your business is legit. Also, a physical business is required for any incorporated companies (and there are LOTS of reasons to incorporate, other blog posts on that to come!)
  2. UPS Stores accept packages from ALL carriers. FedEx- sure! UPS – of course! Signature required – you bet!
  3. You maintain your privacy – no need to give out your home address – this is especially important for our wild web sisters!
  4. Some UPS Stores will actually text or email you when mail arrives! How great is that! If your local Store doesn’t offer this service, they encourage you to call to see if you have mail. No more wasted trips! You know before you go!
  5. Pick up mail when you want! They hold your mail securely if you are out of town giving a keynote address or vacationing with your family!
  6. Working from a virtual office on the beaches of Hawaii during those cold winter months on the mainland-they will forward your mail to you, wherever you are!

Don’t let your virtual office or web-based business keep you from putting forth a professional impression! Get your UPS mailbox today!

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