Ever feeling like you are stuck, hitting a bump in the road or hitting a dead end with your business?

That’s normal.

In my business advisory sessions, to help break through barriers, I often ask business women this simple question:

What can you do for others?

It’s a simple question, but how it’s applied to your business marketing is quite profound. Take a second to write down the answer to this question.

Go ahead…I will wait! 🙂

When you write things down, the intention becomes more clear. Moving from storing ideas in your head to actually getting the thoughts into action is where marketing magic begins!

For example, an interior designer might answer a question like this saying they help create more liveable, functional, inspiring spaces. A private chef might say they bring nourishing, delicious food to a busy professional or family. A web designer might answer the “what can you do for others?” question saying they improve the image of a company with a more professional, user-friendly, search-visible presence.

How you serve others – how you can help them becomes the guide that sets the tone for how you communicate. This is the guiding light for your marketing.

When my clients ask me questions like, “How is Facebook going to help my business?” or “What will I get out of blogging?” or “Is a new website really going to help me grow my business?” or “If I reach out to potential clients, how do I get them to buy from me?” I immediately reframe the question. Don’t ask “What can they/it do for me, ask, What can I do for them?” !

Your success lies in your intention to help others.

When you operate with passion and a clear purpose, your marketing and business success will bloom.

The interior designer who loves to help create more liveable, functional, inspiring spaces will lead with that message throughout her website and will share content that supports this on social media (sharing links from other sites that tie into this message, quotes, images, writing blog posts and more.)

The private chef who brings nourishing, delicious food to busy professionals or family will clearly communicate this in her marketing messaging and will have content marketing that ties into her values about healthy eating and tips for busy people on ways to eat well to stay well.

The web designer who improves the image of a companies with more professional, user-friendly, search-visible websites will communicate her value and share content that ties into her values.

Serve and support to SELL.

When you operate with a service mindset, marketing becomes less about you and more about others. People don’t buy your products and services for your sake – they buy for THEIR sake.

Reframe your approach and you will start to see revamped results!

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