Do you ever stop to wonder what your clients or customers think of your work performance? As a business owner, are you consistently dependable or do you take more of an artist’s stance – bouts of genius and bouts of dry spells where emails go unanswered and calls go to voicemail? With your own business, it’s easy – too easy – to evaporate into thin air for a few days because you are essentially only accountable to yourself – a blessing and a curse.

When I began my web-based business (then called Lorrie Thomas Web Marketing, now called Web Marketing Therapy, Inc.) and began working from home, I never considered being unavailable. If anything, I was too dependable. I joke now (it wasn’t funny then!) that when I started my web-based company, I worked part time (as in 12 hours a day!). My old days of working in customer service in retail management ingrained in me the importance of great service. When I worked in web marketing for corporations, I was accountable in person and always to my vendors and partners.

Slow is the Same As Stop When It Comes to Delivering Great Service!

When I became an entrepreneur, I was shocked at how many entrepreneurs went MIA and how many clients settled for so-so service! As my business grew and I had teammates and clients who were depending on me on a daily basis, I reinforced the importance of being consistently consistent as a must with my team. We always make it a priority to be there for our clients and for each other. When you run a business and have a team, you work for them…not them just working for you!

Being reliable, dependable, and available to clients and coworkers during set business hours is part of your overall marketing experience. So many marketing gurus talk about building awareness, the power of communication and connection but let’s not forget the power of customer service!

When your clients can count on you to respond to an email, return a call, and work on projects and deliver all in good time that increases your overall brand experience and keeps clients coming back AND REFERRING YOU!

Just today, a client emailed my coworker and I saying: Thank you so much. You guys always come through for us!

For those of you who want to have a business, or work from home (or anywhere), I cannot stress how critical it is to be reliable and consistent with your work. Your work performance sets the tone with your clients and when they know what to expect, they are happier. Trust me! (Remember: Happy clients make the best referrals!)

And Here’s to You, You Consistently Consistent Person You!

If you’re reading this and thinking that you are reliable and dependable in your business world, congratulations! It is so important to recognize the value that you bring to your business.

Take a moment to give yourself accolades for doing a great job!

You deserve it!

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