Creativity is the best rebellion in existence


When I wrote my weekly email for my Rebel Circle members last week, I addressed the overwhelming emotions so many members (myself included) have been experiencing and reminded everyone to give themselves radical permission to feel all the feelings.

I am not ok (but I’m still working and kicking booty) but I am owning how I feel so I can work through my emotions and be helpful.

My heart aches for our black brothers and sisters who unrightfully have lost their lives and for those hurt and are hurting physically, emotionally, mentally by racism, hatred, judgement and injustice. My love and light shines on those who are speaking up, speaking out and creating a movement that is giving the world a front row seat to these issues and evoke change.

In calls with our community, I am hearing a lot of things like “I’m so upset, but I don’t know what to do.” and “I’m having a hard time working.” and “I don’t even know where to start.”

It’s not my place to tell you what to do, but for those of you wondering what to do or how to start, I thought if I shared what is working for me, it might be helpful to inspire you and give you some direction.

There are three things I am tapping into to stay sane, intentional and helpful.

#1 – I am Tapping Into My Maternal Energy. I felt like an emotional top spinning out of control when news of the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor unfolded. Then I tuned in to the vocalization of racial injustice two of my dear friends in the arts (not to mention SO many others) experienced, watching them courageously speak out on social media, inspiring other artists to do the same.

As I stopped spinning, I felt like a total loser for not doing enough. I was afraid to say something stupid. My white privilege was staring me in the face. I began where I knew it would count. I made a focus to educate my daughter. As I did that, I realized exactly the place where I could be of help. I embraced my maternal energy wholeheartedly.

As women (mothers or not), we have a powerful energy that we can tap into to help cultivate change. Maternal energy is powerful, beautiful and so needed.

When I tapped into my “mom” side, answers on where to begin emerged. I worried about the health (mental, emotional, physical) of my two friends who were actively protesting, social media activating and had a hunch their phones were blowing up with people checking in. I wanted them to have wellness support vitamins, essential oils and food so they were staying nourished. I reached out as a mom with loving, supportive energy. I didn’t say “let me know what I can do” which is the WORST thing to do because it puts more burden on someone, instead saying what I wanted to do and asked when I could drop off. Even small things can make difference. Do what you CAN. Be kind, be supportive, when in doubt, do what a mother would do.

WWW Elie Wiesel Quote#2 – Don’t Stop Being Creative. With Wild Web Women community members reaching out to our team to talk, get ideas and to get creative, the last thing we wanted to do was wilt. The power of creativity can inspire hope, help you rise up and keep you moving forward. When I get stressed, I get into a FOG (Fatigue, Obligation and Guilt). To overcome FOG, I have to shine brights (metaphorically) on the FOG to get clear.

I began to shine lights on the conversations on social media. I made a commitment listen and share inspiring messages. I found Courtney Ahn’s brilliant art that addressed racism and white privilege (read her interview on WWW and follow her on social media! She is amazing!) and found hope and inspiration in the power of art to educate, inspire and activate others. I can’t be weak, I must stay strong, as there is no better time to rise up.

You cannot control others, but you can control yourself.

Success comes in CANs, failure comes in CAN’Ts.

What can you do?  You can create, converse and be constructive.

The people using their platforms (large or small) to speak the truth constructively and creatively shows care, concern and is also elevating change. For me, saying the wrong thing about white privilege is far less frightening than saying nothing. I want to be crystal clear that approach is what works for me.

WWW Maya Angelou QuoteOften, my posts are focused on business and right now, I mean business about using my voice to speak out to help ignite change. In sharing this, I hope to help you think about what it means to be a leader and to help you own your value and voice your values.

If shedding light on the problems happening and what we can do about it offends people enough to unfollow you, let their ignorant energy go and be grateful it’s not around you anymore.

The people who have stopped following me and my brands have shown me who they are.

#3 – Focus on Wellness. As if COVID-19 wasn’t reason enough to focus on being well, I feel even more a need sleep, hydration, movement, eating well and nourishment to be my best self to lead my family, friends, customers, followers, community and the world.

Self-care is not selfish.

Do what feels right for you right now, but no matter what, don’t stop doing what you do.

And remember, the last thing the world needs right now is the loss of your creative gifts in the world.



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