Is there a right energy and a wrong energy? Well, yes. And – no. You might cycle through many levels of energy on a daily basis, some positive and helpful, some negative, ineffective, or even destructive to your personal and professional well-being.

A variety of emotions is normal and healthy. It’s normal to feel grief, fear, anger, worry, disappointment, etc., at one time or another. But the higher you are on the emotional scale, the more positive results you can create in yourself and in the world. And most of the time, you get to choose the level of energy you want to create – and live – from…if you’re willing to do the work.

It’s all about energy, and your thoughts create that energy.

What Energy Are You Creating From?

And why it matters


Emotions and Energy or Good Vibrations

Every emotion, every thought has its own vibrational or wave frequency. Back in the 70’s (the decade I was born) people called them “vibes.” And from the stories my sage mentors tell me, people gave off good or bad vibes, man. Ha! Some vibes are more tangible than others, like anger, hate, and jealousy, for example. These vibes, or emotions, are on the low end of the emotional scale. Emotions like joy, love, enthusiasm, and optimism create a much higher level of vibration and are correspondingly higher on the emotional scale.

I have a hard time with anger, I often try to suppress it, but when I saw this chart and saw anger was a higher vibration than being a victim, I learned being angry (ahem, not taking crap!) was actually my way out from dysfunction at times!

It helps to be around people who emit a higher level of vibrational frequency – happy, enthusiastic, contented people – because their energy is “catching.” That’s why it’s said that you become like the 5 people you hang around with the most. There are “mirror systems” at play, where the neurons in your brain literally conforms to the level of energy that’s being put out. The effects aren’t permanent, but it’s interesting to note that the effects of lower-level frequencies last longer than those of higher ones. Food for thought.

The Emotional Scale

What Energy Are You Attempting To Create From Blog ImageThe Emotional Scale runs the gamut from Fear, Despair, and Guilt all the way up to Love, Passion, and Joy, with everything in between. While we tend to place a judgment onto specific emotions, let’s pause for a moment. An emotion is just that – a feeling that we get to choose what to do with. No judgment, shame, or guilt allowed.

And before you dismiss negative emotions entirely as something to be avoided at all costs, let’s consider that even they can serve an important function. I’ll expand on this in another post, but for now, consider this scenario:

An abused spouse has finally had enough. She can’t live like that anymore so she finally gets angry enough to channel that energy into taking action – leaving the abuser and getting help in a safe place. I know it isn’t always that simple, but this example serves our purpose here.

Let’s continue exploring these lower-level emotions.

Lower Level Emotions

When a tragedy occurs, when we lose someone – or something – dear to us, we experience grief.

When we see someone doing what we’re doing – only they’re raking in the dough – we feel what I like to call “Compare Despair”.

If you’re pitching clients from a place of doubt, desperation, or unworthiness, how likely is it that the prospect is going to want to work with you?

These are all normal emotions but they can drain us and cause us to create from a low level of energy, make poor decisions, and hold us back from doing – and being – all that we are meant to do and be. Now let’s contrast creating from low energy to creating from a higher energy.

Higher Level Emotions

When you’re operating from a higher level of emotion or energy, you’re in alignment with the real you, your essence – vibrating in your own authentic energy.

When you sit down to create something, whether it’s artwork, playing an instrument, writing, designing a website – whatever makes you lose track of time – you’re creating from passion. Passion is at the top of the emotional scale, hovering just below Joy/Appreciation/Empowered/Freedom/Love.

As women, we are naturally creative. Read that again. Seriously. We NEED to be creative to thrive. After all, we have the ability to give birth, and whether we’ve experienced that or not, we still have that creative center. That is part of our unique and authentic energetic signature. This is where we want to be creating from!

Time to Reflect

Take a few minutes here to think about some of the decisions you’ve made in the past and the results you got, good and – not so good.

  • What were you thinking or feeling at the time?
  • What was your energy level?
  • Were you tired, hungry, upset about something?
  • Was it the right time?

WWW Fog Word CloudI had a major “ah-ha” moment when I drove my car off the road in 2018. I was driving in the fog and my brights weren’t on. I was miraculously ok (the car, not so much) but I realized the “fog” I was in wasn’t just actual fog, it was FOG as in Fatigue, Obligation and Guilt.

When I started to shine the lights on my FOG, I got clear and I had some “that does not work for me” moments that shifted and up-leveled my energy and also up-leveled my life!

All too often we lose our balance in life and forget the basic but critical things that support us. Things like self-care, having fun, hitting “Pause,” finding balance, and giving ourselves permission to be imperfect as we learn, make mistakes, grow – and just be ourselves.

So, how can you create more consistently from a higher energy level?

Movin’ on Up (the Emotional Scale) or Moving up the Emotional Scale = Better Decisions

Take a deep breath – and a step back.

Practice self-awareness.

Learn to become aware of your thoughts and energy levels throughout the day. Acknowledge those thoughts and feelings without any judgment, and then decide if that’s where you want to stay.

For example, we can choose to release feelings of unworthiness, a false perspective, or belief that we picked up somewhere along the way, by saying appropriate affirmations that honestly reflect our true worth. This helps rewire our brain circuits, creating new thought patterns and higher energy levels.

Or maybe you need to listen to your body that day and take care of yourself.

If you’re feeling guilty right now, thinking that you should always be cheerful and upbeat about everything, please stop. That’s not possible, real, or desirable. And seriously, who wants to be around someone like that?

The Goal

The goal is to be rooted and grounded so that we can act in a way that’s in alignment with our higher levels of energy, a truer expression of our worth and abilities.

This can only happen when we do the inner work, beginning with awareness. We can then go a little deeper to discover the emotion behind the thoughts and energy level. Yes, this takes time and practice, but if you don’t do it, you’re allowing ourselves to be held hostage to our current level of energy. And how can you expect to change the trajectory of our lives, reach new heights, get that big client that will propel your career to the next level, even change lives – if you aren’t emotionally ready for it?

To act from a place of grounding, of true authenticity, we need to practice awareness of our thoughts and emotions. With practice, our thoughts can control our emotions to a greater degree, which is why vision boards and affirmations are so powerful! Once you make that discovery, there will be no going back.

And finally, own your thoughts, feelings, and resulting energy levels. Does blaming or complaining create the results you’re looking for? There are seasons to everything, but if we think we can get away with working long hours for too long, wearing ourselves out – we’re not being honest. It’s going to take its toll in some way. Self-awareness, balance, self-care. The more we practice these acts of self-love, the easier it becomes, the more we get done, and the better job we can do because we’re creating from the right energy.

Contrast that with how you act when we’re happy, feeling empowered, and passionate. There’s nothing we can’t do!

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