actiTIME gathered productivity and motivation tips from entrepreneurs for their article Entrepreneur’s Best Tips on How to Stay Focused.

My advice was included. This quote is something I live and help my clients focus on for success.

The key to overcoming the challenge of staying focused and motivated is to allocate the majority of your time on the main thing(s) that your business can’t survive without. This will be your guiding light- aligning your work with your gifts so that you are actually motivated.

What is the #1 thing you do that your business can’t survive without?

For me, the answer is sales and marketing. I have a team to help free me up so I can do more of that!

I run my digital marketing agency and web-based marketing business community for women with the goal of helping entrepreneurs optimize their marketing so they effectively brand, build, and boost business.

If you want your business to grow, start by identifying your gifts!

Prioritizing your gifts and following your intrinsic motivation allows you to work on the tasks that will result in a healthier and wealthier business!

Do what you do best, hire others to do the rest!

Find your guiding light- own it and follow it!

Virtual business hugs,


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