Ever stumble upon Instagram accounts that have 10,000, 20,000, or even 100,000+ followers and wonder how they got those followers? How long did it take them to build it? What market(s) are they targeting? Do they have content marketing superpowers?

No need to have “compare despair”.

While large accounts might have large numbers of followers, some of them might be lacking something that is even more meaningful from a marketing perspective.


Here’s the inside scoop – there is a multitude of users who buy bots (fake Instagram accounts that aren’t run by humans) that won’t engage with their content but will give them a boost in followers. Some Instagram users tend to prioritize their following over engagement, but in reality, engagement is what they should be focusing on! 

What is Engagement?

According to Adobe.com, Instagram engagement refers to the myriad ways that users can interact with your content — including likes, comments, shares, and saves. Increased engagement can even help your content get prioritized by the Instagram algorithm, which means you’ll continually reach more and more of the right audience for your brand.

Don’t stress about the number of followers your account has. 

It’s all about quality over quantity.

Focus on building your brand and nurturing your current audience, and it will grow from there!

Here are a few ways to engage your current audience and build a larger, high-quality one:

  1. Comment on other people/brand posts.
  2. Interact with video content/make video content.
  3. Reply to comments on your posts.
  4. Like posts.
  5. Create call-to-action posts/stories.
  6. Create carousel posts (supposedly the most engaging post according to the algorithm).
  7. Collab with your favorite influencer (this is where micro-influencers come in handy).
  8. Add hashtags.
  9. Add locations.
  10. Take advantage of Instagram story features (stickers, locations, Q&A).

Just like your business, you will only get out of social media what you put into it. If you don’t know where to start, put some time aside every day and spend some time engaging with your followers with the tips we’ve given you. If you need more help, we’re here to guide you!

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