Some days it is easy to zip through your web-based, work-from-home/work-from-anywhere workday while other times it takes much more effort. If my day is feeling lackluster, I usually reach for something that gives me pep to add a boost to my day and to my productivity. Curious about what others do to supercharge themselves, I polled my WWW teammies to find out what one item brings pep to their workday. Here are our work-from-home peppy product picks!

Lorrie Thomas Ross loves safe beauty products and couldn’t be happier she found Beauty Counter’s Lip Conditioner. The peppermint is a great “pep me up” for her lips and her senses.

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So Delicious Coconut Yogurt with peanut powder (for protein) and honey mixed in is the favored mid-morning pick me up for Kelly Kohen. Anything coconut is a personal favorite, but this healthy, non-dairy alternative to traditional yogurt is perfect for a little pep!Image via

Music gives Katherine Garcia pep during her workday. Her JBL headphones have Twistlock technology so they won’t fall out when she is moving or working or grooving to Salsa music on Spotify.

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Wil Thomas (our wild web wo-MAN) puts pep into his day by fueling with an Isagenix protein shake over crushed ice.


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Anne Orfila doesn’t drink coffee but loves the energy boost she gets from a Starbucks Refreshers drink made from green coffee bean extract. A perfect way to renew her pep in the afternoon. Favorite flavor: Very Berry Hibiscus.

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We would love to hear what brings pep to your workday!
Post your pep-me-up work from home tips below in the comments!

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