Hey ladies! Get ready for another awesome Wild Web Woman interview! Meet the founder of Glamhive, Stephanie Sprangers! Glamhive is an online personal styling marketplace. They help you improve your style by connecting you with stylists and makeup artists that are affordable for everyone.

Meet Wild Web Woman Stephanie Sprangers!

What inspired you to launch your web-based business? I’ve worked for startups my entire career and always brought my ambition, enthusiasm, and vision to the founders of each company. One day, I ‘woke up’ and realized that if I was going to work so hard for someone’s dream, it should be mine.

How has your previous employment experience aided you professionally? Every job I’ve ever had has helped me create Glamhive. My early sales experience taught me to not fear the rejection of fundraising. Working for one of the first affiliate marketing companies taught me what is important to advertisers and brands and working for startups that chose to be ruthless taught me how to value people and always be true to my word (well, my parents taught me that, yet still…).

What is your favorite way to unplug from work? Virtual Tracy Anderson workouts, dinner with friends, and hanging out with my family.

How do you maintain your health? That’s a great question. On my lazy days, I rely on good genes, sleep, and more-or-less healthy food. On active days, I do virtual workouts, take dance classes or trapeze classes…anything to bring out the energetic cheerleader in me!

What are some of your proudest accomplishments? My proudest accomplishment is Glamhive. I was so determined to create something good, that I believed in, and I did. It’s still a work in progress, all great things are.

What is the wildest thing you have ever done? Truly, it was starting Glamhive. It was the proverbial ‘big leap’.

What three web tools can you not live without? Slack, Grammarly, and Google Docs.

What helps you increase your productivity the most? It’s something I learned from Mel Robbins: The 5 Second Rule. Basically, when you have an idea to do something, do it before you can count to five. It’s productive because some of my biggest ideas are sparks of inspiration that require me to take some kind of risk. If I delay, I’ll talk myself out of it. But if I do it immediately and disregard the perceived risk, I often set something great into motion.

What are some risks you have taken that resulted in positive outcomes? Late last year we decided to evolve Glamhive into a personal styling platform from a ‘shoppable photos’ app. We built upon our core technology to do something even better. Since then we’ve had an outpouring of excitement from the stylist community and people who are excited about getting styled by this group of incredibly talented people.

How do you maintain a work/life balance? I don’t! That’s the truth, unpopular as it may be. Unless you count lying in bed on Sundays binge-watching Netflix as a balance to the non-stop of the weekday.

Where’s your favorite place to work from? I love working from hotel restaurants. The background noise energizes me. As do the French fries.

What is the #1 piece of advice you would give to someone who’s aspiring to run a web-based business and be a Wild Web Woman? My advice is to go for your dreams and choose to be unstoppable.

Thank you, Steph!

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