Julia Drake is the founder of Wildbound PR, a California-based literary publicity company that works with authors across the globe to gain exposure for their work via traditional and digital media press campaigns, social media marketing, innovative book tours, author websites and promotional videos. Julia lives wild. She loves books. She loves writers that venture into the wilderness of the mind to move us, shake us, and bring us stories that enrich our lives!

Meet Julia Drake!

What inspired you to launch a web-based business? It just happened organically. We started off based in Los Angeles, and as our clientele grew nationally and internationally, much of our work moved online, we realized we could do this from anywhere, and have our cake and eat it too!

What do you love most about having your own business? It’s steering your own course, and being in control of work/life balance, ramping things up and down as needed, and being flexible and able to make important business decisions on a moment’s notice in order to react to changes in the book/media industry.

What is most challenging about running a business? To just stop sometimes, and call it good. To give your absolute best under the challenges of daily life.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments? Professionally, I’ve gotten the most enjoyment out of discovering work from home lake tahoeand nurturing the success of first-time writers or authors who haven’t gotten the credit they deserve. Personally I’m proud to be the mom of two toddler boys, and that I had the lucidity to marry my husband and soulmate of 18 years.

What are some professional risks you’ve taken that led to positive outcomes? Moving our entire business operation to Lake Tahoe and working from our home office in a cabin, surrounded by 9,000-foot-high mountains. At first, we didn’t even have internet!

Where’s your favorite place to get work done? Our home office overlooking Alpine Meadows Valley and the ski resort.

Name three web tools you can’t live without.

Do you have any professional role models? If so, who? I came to public relations from filmmaking and writing, which, on a fundamental level is storytelling. So my role models are people who are authentic and have transformed my entire life through a simple story: Pema Chodron, Stephen Tobolowsky, Bob Dylan, Astrid Lindgren.

What is the one book you would recommend other female entrepreneurs read? Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better: Wise Advice for Leaning into the Unknown by Pema Chodron.

Do you have favorite podcasts?

Are you part of any mastermind or networking groups? If so, which ones?

What does your typical day look like? I get up at 6:00 am or whenever my two boy toddlers get up, and then my husband and I split the day between work, watching the kids, and getting in some skiing or hiking or other outdoor activity. When we have a babysitter, we mix it up working at a cafe in town or at the ski resort, enjoying the hustle and bustle. Work usually stops between 5-5:30 pm, and then it’s family time until 8 pm, followed by personal time (yoga, meditation, music, movies, reading, etc.) till we fall into bed at 10 pm.

How do you unplug from work? I’ve loved exercising since my teens. For me, it’s the single best way to channel my energy into something positive, exhilarating, and constantly evolving. I love HIIT, strength training, running, and training for competitions. Pushing my limits physically and mentally helps me keep a healthy work/life balance.

What tips for maintaining work/life balance would you give to other businesswomen? I’m a believer in exercise and outdoor time. I think our bodies are made to move and things get stuck if you don’t. I also try to not get too mired in a daily routine and mix things up whenever I can.

What’s something you do every day to take care of yourself? I have my special breakfast (prepped the night before, so I don’t have to rush it while making the kids’ breakfast). It’s always extravagant and involves some combination of scrambled eggs, herbs, and turkey bacon, fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, roasted nuts, cinnamon, and honey. And of course local coffee!

What is a quote you live by? Life only makes sense backwards, but you have to live it forwards.

What investments have most helped your business grow? A strong platform – website and social media; a fulfillment service that takes care of all our shipping needs; fast internet.

Business-wise, where do you see yourself in 10 years? I want to keep growing my skills, so I would like to work on PR projects in other fields – outdoor adventure, the culinary industry, and non-profit/causes. We’re also playing with the idea of turning our trailer into a PR mobile and cruising the U.S. to do pop up literary PR consultations and events.

What advice would you give your younger self? Don’t worry!

What is the number one piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to run a web-based business? Have a plan of how this is going to work, any anticipated upfront costs, challenges, opportunities – in other words, know as much as you can what you’re getting into and then go for it! Things will fall into place.

Learn more about Julia Drake and her business by visiting https://wildboundpr.com/ and follow her on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook!

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  • I really enjoyed the interview and learning more about you, Julia! I’m a big fan of Pema Chodron and have read the book you mention. Yet another reason it feels like we’re on the same page!

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