It is scary to do something new. Believe me, I know! As you step into the unknown, remember that your previous life (personally and professionally) are constants that will support you. The journey you have been on has led you to where you are today.

Be present, be positive, be proactive.

Own your value and values and clearly and confidently voice them to attract the right business that will help others as well as support you.

Know this and own this:

“I am at the threshold of a new business life. I am strong and creative as I step towards my new opportunity. The very gifts that have served me in the past, serve me now. I walk ahead with confidence and conviction in my own competence.” – Julia Cameron

This quote from author Julia Cameron (from her book Prayers to the Great Creator: Prayers and Declarations for a Meaningful Life is so poignant and powerful. If you are starting a new web-based business or venturing out to have a more web-based business, print this image out and put it up somewhere (bathroom mirror, in your car, fridge) and READ IT repeatedly.




Hugs to you wild web sister!


Lorrie Thomas Ross, MA

The Marketing Therapist® and Wild Web Women® Founder
Of all the things Lorrie imagined she would be someday, Wild Web Woman® was never on the list. But thanks to the wild, wacky and wonderful web, she is living a happy, healthy life and enjoying a lucrative career she loves helping women brand, build and boost their web-based businesses! Read More

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