One of the things that I love most about my work from home career is that I can be super-involved in my 9-year-old’s world. While I work Monday through Friday, the flexibility of working from home allows me to choose what hours I want to work and when I do it.  I love that I can have a life and live my life – my career supports this!

I was reflecting on this after I completed the second year of co-chairing a 5K “Fun Run” fundraiser for my son’s elementary school. This event’s earnings support programs in his school – music, art and fitness…activities I am such an advocate for. The event requires total commitment to make it happen and in the final days I often wonder “Why did I do this again?” but it’s always so worth it.

The smiling faces, laughing and enjoying a day with friends, seeing the proud faces, whether they finished the 5K, 1 mile or 1/4 mile race, are moments that I will cherish. If it wasn’t for Web Marketing Therapy/Wild Web Women, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to commit to running this event. The flexibility of working from home allows me to spend countless hours volunteering in areas that I am passionate about.

Having a team that values “values” helps make this possible too. The saying “If you want to be interesting, be interested” is an unspoken rule at our company. Our founder also flips this saying around saying that “If you want people to be interested in you, be interesting!” We love supporting each other as we pursue what interests us! Everyone I work with has passions outside of work and we are all super interested in each other’s passions. Even better, my son’s school wouldn’t have had the wonderful t-shirt design that our wild web woMAN, Wil Thomas created. (The pic to the right is the center of the tee shirt, kids and parents alike loved them!)

Working from home ROCKS…and allows me to have a fulfilling career without sacrificing the time with my family to do things that fill my soul.

Thanks to web-based work, I can do what I need to do when it works for me to do it.

If you are thinking of taking the plunge and starting your own home-based or web-based business so you can work from anywhere…It is totally worth it!

And if you need help, this is EXACTLY what the Wild Web Women website, blog and community is for!

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