Image via Unsplash.comWorking from home is wonderful. It can also be pretty wacky. Working at home takes self-discipline, but the perks always make it completely worthwhile! The other morning, as I worked from home with a green clay face mask on at 10 am (love that!), I wondered what my Wild Web Women teammates do in their home “office” that they could not (or would not) be able to do in a regular office. I sipped some tea then emailed everyone, asking them what their favorite work from home perks are. The reply to alls began including replies like:

  • I love that I can cook meals (roasting veggies, spinning salad, heating up soup on the stove) and make smoothies and tea with QUALITY ingredients (not processed snack-type food that some businesses offer employees for free).
  • I enjoy having all my pets with me in my “office”.
  • I can diffuse essential oils – my workspace, my terms!
  • I cherish taking a morning break to spend time with my horse and clean her stall during the cool morning hours.
  • I don’t have to share a bathroom with any coworker (HA!)
  • I can take my lunch hour any time I want.
  • I’m not tempted by a coworker’s candy bowl or baked goods in the company kitchen.
  • I get to see the people I love more often (and live with) like my mom, child, friends or spouse.
  • I love that I can play whatever music I want and, as an extra bonus, I can play it out loud through speakers!
  • No work drama or water cooler gossip is refreshing.
  • Being able to eat what I want without being judged is awesome!
  • I love popping popcorn in the microwave until it’s toasty (and burnt smelling) without being reprimanded by the HR manager.
  • I love being able to start – and stop – my work day on my terms.
  • I like being in control of the thermostat.
  • I love being able to change my work location on a whim (anywhere with wi-fi can serve as my “office”).
  • I am grateful that I can take a break to volunteer at my child’s school or chaperone a field trip.
  • I am not limited to running errands or scheduling appointments during the lunch hour.
  • I am relieved that I don’t have to be in an office with sick coworkers during flu season.
  • I love being able to stay on top of things like laundry (changing a load forces me to take a small break).
  • If I need to work “late”, it is in the comfort of my own home (and maybe even on my own couch).
  • I just LOVE the flexibility.

Working from home is all about being in charge of your own schedule and making your time – business and personal – work for you.

And I won’t lie, once you’ve got a taste of the work from home freedom and flexibility, you will probably never want to set foot in an office again.

Anne Orfila

Web Marketing Content Strategist

Anne brings to Wild Web Women® over 10 years of web marketing expertise. She specializes in helping business leaders manage their online presence, content and social media in a very healthy, quality and organic fashion. She has been the voice of many experts online so they can do what they do best, while she does the rest! In addition to marketing management, she has mastered the dance of working from home and raising a family…no easy feat! Read More

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